The Bodymount

The Bodymount was developed in 1996 by veteran cinematographer Gary Thieltges through his Academy Award winning company, Doggicam Systems.  Since that time The Bodymount has done over 2000 jobs mounted to hundreds of the most well know actors and performers in the world.  In 2004 The Society of Camera Operators recognized the valuable contribution The Bodymount has made to the motion picture industry by awarding their prestigious Technical Achievement Award to The Bodymount.  Since that time the system has been refined and expanded upon to become the go-to system in the world for mounting cameras to the person being photographed.  People have skied down mountains, jumped on trampolines, boxed, played football, and bunji jumped off the highest bridge in New Zealand while wearing The Bodymount.  One of the most iconic uses of The Bodymount was in the music video “God Gave Me Everything I Want” with Mick Jagger and Lenny Kravitz.  Every shot of Mick or Lenny in the video was achieved using The Bodymount.

The phrase “Bodymount shot” has become part of the modern lexicon of the motion picture industry.  On the east coast, the phrase Snorri cam has become popular to describe the concept of mounting a camera to a person.  The Bodymount has been used to deliver unique shots for feature films and commercials in every major film market around the world, all coming from the Doggicam offices in Burbank California.  Arm mounts, leg mounts and helmets for POV shots have been added to the system. 

To mount the camera anywhere around the subject and to hold the position securely in all situations, The Bodymount is the total solution to putting your vision on the screen.